Intuit's Alliances With Nonprofits


Intuit supports economic empowerment through alliances with nonprofits.

In collaborative relationships with targeted nonprofits, Intuit provides corporate resources such as software, personnel, expertise and grants.

How Intuit Chooses Nonprofits for Alliances

We develop alliances proactively and focus our funding on a few designated programs. This allows us to make a deeper and more lasting impact on targeted social issues. In choosing nonprofits for collaborative relationships, we look for innovative programs that are scalable and replicable at the national level and that have well-defined, measurable goals.

We cannot consider unsolicited grant proposals.

Focus: Economic Empowerment

Focusing our nonprofit alliances on economic empowerment supports our goals of:

  • Cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit among small businesses in disadvantaged communities
  • Helping nonprofits do more with their resources
  • Encouraging financial literacy among people in need

Alliances With Nonprofits

Employees Collaboration

Intuit employees form their own alliances with nonprofits through their ongoing commitments to the causes that matter most to them.

Employee Giving and Volunteering

Making a Difference

Intuit's efforts to help people master their finances and to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit are supported by The Intuit Foundation.

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