Corporate Sustainability

Increase Transparency of Intuit's Sustainability Initiatives

Intuit is committed to communicating our sustainability practices to internal and external stakeholders. We want to provide the complete picture—our best achievements and areas for improvement—as well as the company's goals, progress and obstacles. More and more, global partners, governments, prospective employees and suppliers expect this kind of visibility. We also share our efforts with the investor community and media.

Emphasis on Reporting

Sharing information on our initiatives gives outside stakeholders a clear look inside our company's policies, procedures, employees, suppliers, environmental impacts and social impacts. With this in mind, we produced our initial Corporate Sustainability Report in 2011 which contains thorough information on some of our recent initiatives as well as our overall environmental impact.

Widely considered a sustainability leader, Intuit has participated in several public surveys over the past three years, including the Carbon Disclosure Project, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. We have also continued to earn high marks in evaluations like the Newsweek Green Ranking and FTSE4good. For instance, Intuit was ranked #30 in Newsweek's 2011 Green Rankings. In addition, Intuit was recognized as a regional leader in the technology sector for FTSE's ESG ratings.

Internal and External Transparency Tools

Intuit recently published an enterprise wide Sustainability Policy as an internal and external demonstration of how Sustainability in being considered in our decisions. We are encouraging our suppliers to do the same. Intuit's Supplier Responsibility Guidelines require suppliers, large and small to consider their impacts on the environment and in the communities they serve.

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