Corporate Sustainability

Engage Employees' Hearts and Minds

Involving employees

Dedicated employees are the fuel behind the fire of Intuit's sustainability efforts, whether sponsoring contests, working with community groups or coming up with fun projects that engage more people to reach our goals. Intuit employees around the world take time out on Earth Day to celebrate progress, swap green solutions and help clean up their communities. Intuit supports employee efforts by matching donations, providing paid volunteer time off and offering grants to employee-nominated projects.

Green Teams

Our Green Teams are site-specific groups guided by dedicated leaders. Green Teams create volunteer and cleanup opportunities for employees across the company, provide education and incentives, and sponsor programs and events. Our 20 Green Team leaders meet monthly to share inspiration and best practices, and each team puts on an average of four events a year.

Locations of Intuit Green Teams

"I have always tried to be environmentally responsible at home, but the Green Team gives me an opportunity to have an even bigger impact here at Intuit." — Jonathan Boland, Intuit Employee

Employees in Bangalore, India volunteer for a lake cleanup.

Employees expand a recycling program in Maidenead, Berkshire, UK

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