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Intuit Strategic Sourcing partners with our business units and functional owners to not only secure the goods and services we need to run the company, but also to deliver products and services to our customers. We strive to be a "valued business partner"—anticipating needs, proactively providing alternatives and helping to deliver the most value from our investment.

Our procurement philosophy and practices reflect our company values, beginning with "Integrity without Compromise". We hold ourselves and our supply partners to the highest level of honesty and ethical business practices. We take this commitment beyond contractual terms—we expect personal integrity where our words and actions are always in step.

We think holistically about our relationships—solving for value in the immediate period while building mutual advantage over time. Cost is only one component of "value". We also expect quality, responsiveness, flexibility, creativity in the development and delivery of solutions, and a commitment to the environment.

And, we are better because of our relationships! Intuit learns to continuously improve through our partnerships, and our supply partners benefit from our direct and respectful feedback. I am proud to work at Intuit with amazing teammates and suppliers.


– Scott Beth, Vice President of Finance Operations

Suppliers at Intuit

Intuit is always looking to grow our supplier community. We enjoy partnering with our suppliers so that we can build trusted alliances that help us in maintaining a high growth, innovative company in a connected services world. Our suppliers enable us to add significant value to our communities while also improving the financial lives of our customers through our innovations via open collaboration.

Intuit's mission is pretty simple: To be a premier innovative growth company that improves our customers' financial lives so profoundly... they can't imagine going back to the old way.

This philosophy is at the cornerstone of everything we do, including building lasting partnerships with our supplier community. Over the last several years, we have built an extensive community of Intuit suppliers that actively contribute to our growth initiatives, value proposition, and corporate social responsibility programs.

We are always looking for opportunities to work with new suppliers that can assist us with growing our business and footprint in the global marketplace.

Supplier Programs

Supplier Responsibility

At Intuit, corporate social responsibility is more than just a business practice – it's a longstanding part of who we are.

Our commitment is wide ranging. We volunteer in diverse communities, develop new technology to bridge the digital divide and support programs that give back to our customers, nonprofits and small businesses. We're also committed to making the world a better place through sustaining environmental initiatives. Over the years, we've measured and reduced our overall environmental footprint, engaged and involved our 8000 employees in helping to make Intuit a more sustainable company, and are developing new products, such as Freecycle@Work, to help our customers be more sustainable. And that's where our suppliers come in. To have an even larger impact on the world, we're asking all our suppliers to join us by adopting our new Supplier Responsibility Policy.

Third Party Relationship Management (3PRM)

The Third Party Relationship Management program helps ensure Intuit's products and services are available when and where our customers need them. We have identified our critical relationships as those suppliers or alliances that are revenue generating or high impact to Intuit customers. We have identified our most critical third party partners and work closely together to monitor and manage operational risk. We have the same expectations of these partners as we do of our own employees: Act with integrity, innovate and improve, and always push hard for the best possible customer outcome.

Supplier Diversity

At Intuit, we are committed to increasing the diversity of our supply base by maximizing procurement opportunities for minority, women, veteran and LGBT owned businesses. Embracing the broadest possible array of suppliers creates of a more inclusive corporate environment and also strengthens vital relationships with the broad range of customers and communities we serve. We strongly believe that diversity is an essential and integral element of a successful business strategy. How do we define our supplier diversity program: A business that has been certified by an approved agency as having met the definition of being at least 51% owned controlled and operated by one or more members of a diverse group (e.g., minority, women, veterans/disabled veterans and LGBT). There are four agencies which certify this status:

  • National Minority Supplier Diversity Council
  • Women's Business Enterprise National Council
  • National Veterans Owned Business Association
  • National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Becoming a Supplier

Intuit's strategic sourcing group works with our suppliers to obtain high quality goods and services for all Intuit organizations at the best value. They also strive to make the purchasing experience as easy as possible while maintaining financial integrity and control. The sourcing process is quite easy. The first step in being considered is to register your interest with us by filling out our supplier information form. Once your company has been selected, a sourcing manager will contact you to begin the on-boarding and due diligence process.

Interested in Becoming a Supplier? If so, register your interest with us.

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