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Quicken Health Group

Press Releases

March 2, 2011 Intuit Health Survey: Americans Worried About Costs; Want Greater Access to Physicians
April 27, 2010 Intuit Financial Healthcare Check-Up Shows Americans Confused about Medical Statements
March 31, 2010 New and Enhanced UnitedHealthCare Online Tools Help Consumers Better Manage Their Health Care Finances and Anticipate Costs
March 8, 2010 CIGNA Simplifies Paying Medical Bills for Millions of Customers
November 11, 2009 Medical Mutual of Ohio and Intuit Cure the Pain of Paying Medical Bills
November 2, 2009 When it Comes to Medical Bills, All's not Well in the Buckeye State
August 3, 2009 United Health Care Expands Availability of Quicken Health Expense Tracker to nearly 700,000 consumers
May 14, 2009 Leading Healthcare Technology Companies Launch National Physician Education Program on Stimulus and Electronic Healthcare Records
April 10, 2008 Medical Mutual of Ohio to Offer Quicken Health Expense Tracker
April 24, 2007 CIGNA HealthCare to Offer Quicken Health, Simplifying Health Care Financial Management
April 12, 2006 UnitedHealthcare, Hewitt Associates, Optima Health and Exante First to Offer Quicken for Health Care
February 6, 2006 Newest Quicken Medical Expense Manager Ends Health Care Cost Confusion
May 18, 2005 Quicken Offers Prescription For Medical Expense Headaches

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Intuit Health Overview

Intuit Health: Making healthcare easier for everyone

We're committed to improving healthcare by connecting providers and patients through innovative clinical, administrative and financial services.

Intuit Health was formed by the recent combination of Medfusion and Intuit's Quicken Health Group. We're the industry leader in advancing provider and patient communication through online services.

We've taken Intuit's legendary approach to solving people's tough, everyday problems and are applying it to the needs of medical practices and patients. The results: Innovative, easy-to-use solutions that are profoundly transforming how patients and providers interact.

Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, TurboTax and Quicken, acquired Medfusion in May 2010. Established in Raleigh, N.C. in 1996, Medfusion released its first suite of provider-patient communication solutions in 1998. Over the last 12 years, we've continually improved the offering to deliver a comprehensive, robust, secure, HIPAA-compliant solution for providers and practices.

Today more than 2.5 million patients and 32,000 providers use our patient portal. It received a No. 1 ranking for the past two years from KLAS research, an independent firm that monitors vendor performance. With more than 93,000 transactions each day, our patient portal solution simplifies everyday tasks such as making appointments, filling out papwork, getting lab results, and paying medical bills.

The Need for Provider-Patient Communication Solutions

Intuit Health helps medical practices improve their practice efficiency, manage increasing cost pressures - all the while improving patient satisfaction. In addition, Intuit Health's patient-to-provider solutions extend the value of an electronic health record, or EHR, giving patients timely electronic access to their health information. This is one of the requirements for providers to receive incentive payments funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for the meaningful use of electronic health records.

Both providers and patients find significant value in establishing an electronic relationship. A recent Intuit Health survey showed that patients increasingly want online access for their healthcare information.

72 percent of respondents between the ages 18-65 said they would use an online tool that would help them communicate with their doctor more easily, make appointments, get lab results and pay their medical bills.

84 percent said they would complete their medical forms online prior to their doctor's appoint if they had that option.

Today, more than one-third of non-hospital healthcare practices in the U.S. use an Intuit solution. Intuit's broad reach, trusted brand, and customer-driven innovation processes - combined with the No.1 patient portal solution - make Intuit Health a driving force in improving healthcare for all.